Amy Rachman: Bio



Born and raised in suburban New Jersey, Amy Rachman is a New York-based artist who continually cultivates her unique brand of clever lyrical entendres, delivered by a soothing, yet powerful voice. A piano-, guitar-, flute-player, vocalist, and writer, she has been a musician throughout her entire life. With the influence of her maternal grandfather and his old-fashioned sounding piano, Amy Rachman discovered her gift of playing music by ear at the age of 4; her paternal grandfather was a Vaudevillian whose strong, yet mellifluous voice lasted until the age of 98… And the list goes on. Altogether, Amy inherited a multi-layered gift from various musicians on both sides of her family.

With an innate passion for the written word, Amy taught herself to read before she ever attended school. At age 6 she began to involve herself in creative writing projects, many of which led to winning various honors for her compelling innovativeness, and paved the way to her signature edgy and moving style.

Also at a very young age, Amy began formal voice training, and before barely reaching teen-age, she wrote her first song, Look Up At Me, which she ultimately recorded at the age of 15. The song aired on Trenton, NJ's hallmark radio station, 97.5 - WPST, on their “Unsigned Heroes” program at age 16, the same year that she recorded her second original song, Where I'm Bound. Throughout high school Amy continued to write songs, many of which she performed in various coffee house showcases. When not on stage she was intently writing, creating, arranging, and producing her own instrumental, background vocal, and lead vocal tracks. During her senior year she won an award for having written and performed a song in Spanish.

After high school Amy attended Indiana University, home of one of the world's most renowned music schools. During her freshman year she performed in the musical “Hair.” That same year she was appointed as cantor for the university's High Holiday services, a position she served throughout the rest of her undergraduate schooling. From time to time she made guest appearances at local parties as a cover band vocalist. Meanwhile, she continued to tend to her original material and to perform at various venues, including coffee houses, as well as annual karaoke contests, which she won several years in a row.

Amy's performance venues range from Indy to the Indies: While on vacation in St. Lucia, she won numerous vocalist contests, which prompted the island natives to honor Amy with the unprecedented title of "Resident Artist." Amy has also performed at her more local venues, such as Brooklyn's Grand Central Bar; Bliss Café, Mood Restaurant, and Austin Ale House in Kew Gardens, NY; the Theater Café in Forest Hills, NY; Waltz Café of Astoria; the 169 Bar in Chinatown; Rockwood Music Hall, located on the Lower East Side of NY; Cyber Café West in Binghamton, NY; NYC's The Biiter End, and Makor, located in New York's Upper West Side. In addition, Amy has been featured on various online radio interviews, and her site has been accessed by at least 60 different countries worldwide. Currently she writes personalized songs for children who are chronically and terminally ill through Songs of Love, a non-profit organization. She also holds a Master of Arts degree in speech-language pathology. 
Do You Imagine features ten of the hundreds of songs Amy has written throughout almost two decades. The album was produced by Art Hays, a former instrumentalist for Matchbox Twenty. A timeless “future classic,” it is a compilation of a wide range of expression. The tracks include Amy’s refreshingly candid recent material, which simultaneously unveils some her mysteriously prolific side that was concealed years back.

Amy Rachman resides in Queens, New York. She continues to write, record, and sustain a remarkable level of intimacy with her steadily growing fan base.